Our Parents

Parents model the importance of using one's God-given talents to their fullest potential as they give of their time to help the school achieve its objectives.  Bellarmine’s Mothers’ Guild and Dads’ Club are two avenues through which parents become involved with the school. Both organizations have a long history of providing support to Bellarmine and fostering the spirit of community.

In keeping with their mission to support school objectives and initiatives as well as foster the spirit of friendship, the Bellarmine Mothers' Guild (BMG) plans and coordinates several events each year. From their largest endeaver, the annual Mothers' Guild Fashion Show for Financial Aid, to their assistance with the Winter Warmth and Lenten Food Drives, the BMG embraces the philosophy of being "women for others". The organization also provides the opportunity for mothers to deepen their relationships with their sons, with their friends and with God, by sponsoring several events every year including the Mother-Son Event, the Women's Day of Reflection and the Mother-Son Liturgy, in addition to cultural events such as Diwali and Lunar New Year.

The Dads’ Club is also a service-minded organization, with its mission to aid in the development of "Men for Others", to assist Bellarmine in their objectives, and to promote the rapport between a family and their son. The sponsor of annual events such as the Fall Barbeque, the Dads' Retreat, and the Father-Son Golf Tournament, the Dads' Club also proffers their support to the Father-Son Workday, the Tijuana Immersion Trip and the K-Bell Track Meet.

All moms and dads are "members" of their respective organizations by virtue of having a son attend Bellarmine. When a student is admitted to the school, the entire family is welcomed with open arms, with the BMG and Dads' Club terrific venues through which parents can be introduced to, and stay connected with, the Bellarmine community. Participation in sponsored events is encouraged and a willingness to get involved with the parent boards welcomed.