Bellarmine’s Outreach program is structured to attract and support first-generation college-bound, low-income students. The program was started in 2001 and is based on the apostolic goals of the Jesuit province: fostering partnership in our Ignatian mission, strengthening solidarity with the poor, responding to the diversity of our province and evangelizing contemporary culture.

Bilingual support (Spanish-English and Vietnamese-English) is available to students and their families during the application process and throughout their time at Bellamine. The Outreach office serves as an additional resource to students and parents by partnering with Personal Academic Counseling and College Guidance in order to provide a comprehensive, personalized support program that meets the needs of the first-generation college-bound student. The support program starts after admission to Bellarmine, with students being identified based on parental education levels and household income.

Cultural Events At Bellarmine

We believe that our programming should reflect the varied backgrounds of our community. The Bellarmine Mothers' Guild (BMG) hosts three flagship events for the entire school community - students, parents, faculty and staff - which reflect the broad ethnic and cultural diversity of our families: Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights), Virgin of Guadalupe Mass and Fiesta, and Lunar New Year Dinner. These events are coordinated by the BMG Diversity Liaisons, board-level positions whose purpose is to reach out to and engage families through cultural programming. 

Ethnic and Cultural Clubs at Bellarmine

A variety of student-run ethnic and cultural clubs are active on campus. These clubs, which are open to all students regardless of background or affiliation, provide the opportunity for exploration into cultural practices, and foster an appreciation of the diversity on our campus. Examples of current clubs include African American Student Union, Filipino Student Association, Latino Student Union and Vietnamese Student Union.


Director of Diversity Outreach

Carlos Jimenez
(408) 573-9253


The BUILD summer program (Bellarmine United in Learning and Diversity) serves low-income middle school students in Silicon Valley. More information is located at our BUILD page.