Principal's Welcome

More than 160 years after its founding, Bellarmine continues to educate today's students who will become tomorrow's leaders - men of conscience, competence and compassion - "Men for and with Others."

As I look toward the new school year, I am energized by the year ahead. While academics are an essential component of the work we do, our Mission Statement calls us to form "persons whose lives will be dedicated to bringing all their God-given talents to fullness and to living according to the pattern of service inaugurated by Jesus Christ." This requires us to work together to remind students that there is more to high school than a GPA or AP course. We encourage students to use their time at Bellarmine to discover the depth of their God-given talents, to look for ways to serve others, and to find their true selves.

In the age of online learning and accelerated coursework, it is cura personalis, or care for the person that sets Bellarmine apart. While that may happen at other schools, it is the deep concern for the student and his overall well-being that is striking at Bellarmine. Our faculty and staff strive to care for each and every one of our students.

I truly feel blessed to be a part of this community, and I look forward to serving it in the upcoming year. 


Kristina Luscher