What Makes a Jesuit School Jesuit?

Ignatian schools in the Jesuit tradition benefit from the pedagogy and spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola. We promote Christ's justice and love for all people and bring the message of the Gospel to future generations, while functioning as apostolates of education.

The Jesuit Pedagogy

Sustaining the Ignatian vision and Jesuit mission of educational excellence in the formation of young men of competence, conscience and compassion requires the partnership of teachers and students, each striving to fulfill the pedagogy laid forth for all Jesuit schools.

The Ignatian Educator

Ignatian educators serve as guides for students as they continue on their formational journey. In collaboration with their colleagues, Ignatian educators engage in ongoing personal, professional and religious development in order to grow in their commitment to Jesuit education. The Jesuit Secondary Education Association (JSEA) identifies characteristics and practices which describe what it means to be an Ignatian educator in the Profile of an Ignatian Educator. With this document as its basis, Bellarmine drafted Ignatian Educators, Companions in Ministry which employs the standards put forth by the JSEA, as well as the California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

The Graduate at Graduation

The JSEA describes the most desirable qualities of a graduate, as he moves from the threshold of childhood to young adulthood in five general categories. These same characteristics, which are also perhaps equally as desirable for adult life, are detailed in the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation. Through our WASC accreditation process, we crafted an abbreviated version of the Graduate at Graduation which summarizes the essential characteristics of the Bellarmine student. 

Partnering with the California Province of the Society of Jesus

Bellarmine College Preparatory is sponsored by the California Province of the Society of Jesus. Sponsorship is the affirmation that Bellarmine is a work of the Society of Jesus, in the California Province of the Society of Jesus and is a Catholic, Jesuit school.

Sponsorship Agreement specifies the roles and responsibilities of the various entities involved. Four areas are addressed: Relationships; Formation; Governance and Evaluation.