Departments and Curriculum

Bellarmine offers a broad array of courses designed to give students a solid foundation for lifelong learning. The academic program is for the college-bound student, fortified by both Honors courses and Advanced Placement (AP) program courses, which offer college credit.

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Honors courses are offered in our English, Mathematics, Modern and Classical Languages, and Science departments. Many of these courses have been identified by the UC and CSU systems (as well as other colleges across the country) as qualifying for honors credit, i.e., extra points in the calculation of your grade point average. Our AP courses are designed to prepare students for taking the AP exam, which determines a student's eligibility for college credit. The AP program, administered by the College Entrance Examination Board, boasts an impressive record of success at Bellarmine. In 2016, students taking AP exams qualified for college credit at a rate of 84%.

Unless otherwise specified, Informed Enrollment is employed for Honors/AP courses, meaning that interested students must first solicit feedback from their current teacher, parents and counselor, and secure counselor approval, prior to enrollment. Course prerequisites may apply.

English 1 Honors
English 2 Honors
Faulkner Seminar Honors

Geometry Honors
Algebra 2 Honors
Precalculus Honors
Multivariable Calculus Honors

Modern and Classical Languages:
Latin 3 Honors
Mandarin Chinese 3 Honors
Spanish 3 Honors

Chemistry Honors