Freshman Experience

We know that the transition from middle school to high school can be both intimidating and exciting. Our Jesuit tradition calls for us to respond to this reality in a way that respects each individual 8th grader as he becomes a freshman. We call this response cura personalis (care for the person).



Bellarmine's Freshman Experience is a dynamic, innovative and original year-long program created specifically to care for our incoming freshmen. During Freshman Orientation, new students are placed in core groups of six. Each core group is assigned two upper-classmen - "Big Brothers" - who will not only be a friendly face on campus, but will help their freshmen with the transition into high school. To guarantee their accessibility, freshmen lockers are placed next to their Big Brother's lockers. This creates a "water cooler" opportunity, whereby random, casual conversation can occur each day throughout the year. Additionally, a calendar of events is planned for the freshmen and their Big Brothers, with an activity occurring every month.

The Freshman Experience creates a healthy and immediate support system for freshmen and encourages new students to quickly become full and active participants in the total Bellarmine experience.


Primary Contact

Rick Ruddell


Other Contacts

Joe Wagstaffe

Director of Admissions

Lauren Madison  

Admissions Assistant