Summit on Poverty

Focus of the Summit
“Among our tasks as witnesses to the love of Christ is that of
giving a voice to the cry of the poor.”
                                                                                                ~ Pope Francis
                                                                                                   (Address on 6/14/13)

In this Summit on Human Dignity, the Bellarmine community will explore the causes and consequences of poverty and how we are called by God to respond. As men and women for and with others in search of wisdom and justice, we will consider Jesus' call for us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked because we know that whatever we can do for the least brothers and sisters of ours, we do for him. Guided by Jesus’ call to accompany the poor and marginalized, Catholic Social Doctrine urges that our words and deeds emphasize a “preferential option for the poor”. We will explore the reality of economic injustice and how we might live in solidarity with the poor to bring about a more just world.


Guest Speakers


Vern Cleary
Patrick McCrystle


Mayor Sam Liccardo
Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton

Special Thanks To ...

Vern Cleary, Chair
Jeremy Lum, Film Series Chair
Joe Cussen, Coordinator