Summit on Masculinity

Who is the man God has called me to be?

Focus of the Summit

Since 1851, Bellarmine has educated and guided boys as they become men. The Justice Summit on masculinity offered our community the opportunity to reflect on the student's destination of manhood. Our motto, like that of all Jesuit schools, speaks of becoming "men and women for and with others." As much as this motto invites our students to be service-oriented, the work begins by arriving at a mature, true and confident sense of self.

Through this summit, we examined challenges that young men face today - including social and cultural expectations - and asked students to consider alternatives to short-sighted interpretations of manhood. We considered key archetypes, and looked to Jesus as a model of how our students are called to be young men who respect and uphold the dignity of all human persons, including themselves.

Community Engagement

On the parent level, we dialogued with and presented information to parents to help them with the challenges and joys of raising teenagers. Through guest speakers and presentations, as well as discussion questions for parents to consider with their children, we helped parents to address some of the key issues of parenting in the 21st century.

Guest Speakers & Resources

October: Archetypes

John Amarillas: "The Stoic Man"
Kevin McMahon: "The Tough Guy"

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Masculinity Survey Results
Masculinity Images Quantified


Dr. Michael Kimmel 
Professor of Sociology at Stony Brook University; Founder and editor of Men and Masculinities, and author of numerous books including Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men


Savannah Sanders
A founding board member of Well Founded Hope, an Arizona nonprofit helping to restore the life of traumatized young women who have been sex trafficked; Active member of a large network of human trafficking survivor advocates 

Michael Downs

Film Series

Film Characteristic Examined
Stand by Me Brotherhood
3:10 to Yuma Tough Guy
The Contender Patriarchy
(500) Days of Summer Romantic Relationships
Tootsie Sexism
A Better Life Father-Son Relationships
ma vie en Rose Gender Identity
Iron Man Knightly Behavior
Lilies of the Field Spirituality of Masculinity

Special Thanks To ...

Peter Canavese, Chair
Joe Cussen, Coordinator
Katie Bauman
Jeremy Lum
Anne Maloney
Andre Mathurin
Bernadette Troyan