Cast Announced for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

Posted: November 19, 2015

Director Peter Canavese has announced the cast list for our winter musical, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Character Actor
Andrew Jackson Nolan Atterbury
Bandleader / (Blue-Collar) Man Logan Stevens
Rachel Jackson / Florida Woman Karin Naragon
Martin Van Buren / Keokuk Seamus Gallivan
The Storyteller Georgie Blewett
Black Fox / Henry Clay Grayson Richmond
Andrew Jackson Sr. / John C. Calhoun / Soloist #6 ("I'm So That Guy") Alex Aguirre
James Monroe / Frontiersman / Soloist #5 ("I'm So That Guy") / Doctor Brady O'Hara
John Quincy Adams / Cobbler / Messenger / Tour Guide / Florida Man Foster Westover
Male Soloist ("Rock Star" "Crisis Averted") / Citizen 7 Mercelo Almora Rios
Cowboy 1 / Man (Henry Grunbaum) / Soloist #3 ("I'm So That Guy") / Citizen 5 Noah Jackman
Cowboy 2 / Red Eagle / Second Soldier / Citizen 4 Kyle Lim
Cowboy 3 / Indian 2 / Congressman 1 / Cheerleader 1 / Another Man on Tour Mateo Leano
Cowboy 4 / (Middle-Aged) Man / Second Citizen Galen Leaf
Cowboy 5 / Spanish Officer / Indian 1 / First Citizen Cole Hammers
Cowgirl 1 / Soloist #2 ("I'm So That Guy") / Another Female Crowd Member /
Citizen 6 / Erica

Hannah Polayes

Cowgirl 2 / (Middle-Aged) Woman / Naomi / Girl ("Ten Little Indians" Soloist) Talia Rossi
Cowgirl 3 / Citizen 3 / Toula / Pas de deux Dancer 1 Ashley Stephens
Soloist #4 ("I'm So That Guy") / Sexy Female Robot Voice / Cheerleader 2 Yazmine Ocampo
Pas de deux Dancer 2 / Woman on Tour Amie Schneider
Indian Woman / Female Crowd Member 2 / Another Woman on Tour Tiffany Anaya
Soldier / Congressman 2 / University President Ronan Shaw
Red 5 / Soloist #1 ("I'm So That Guy") / Announcer / Man on Tour Justin Folan
Lyncoya / Pageboy TBD

Swings / Understudies

Colby Lepore
Lila Smith

Assistant Directors

Aldo Caballero
Tolentino Buzo
Bobby Houston

Stage Manager

Matthew Boennighausen

Performances are scheduled for February 26 - 28, March 3 - 5.

Forty-two students auditioned for 23 parts. "I am impressed by, proud of, and grateful for all who tried out. These decisions were extremely difficult - I wish I could have rewarded all of the talent on display. Finding the correct mix of ability, age, experience and suitability for parts is a subjective and mysterious process. If you're able, please try out again in the future, for the comedy, drama, musical and/or Sanguine Humours." said Mr. Canavese.

CAST AND CREW: Congratulations. CHANGE OF SCHEDULE - No rehearsal Friday. First rehearsal will be Monday, November 23 from 4:00 - 6:30 pm. Meet at Mr. Lum's / Mr. Alessandri's classroom.

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