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  • Prayer for Generosity

    Posted August 19, 2019

    Lord, Teach me to be generous.
    Teach me to serve you as you deserve;
    To give and not to count the cost,
    To fight and not to heed the wounds,
    To toil and not to seek for rest,
    To labor and not to ask for reward,
    Except that of knowing that I do your will.

    St. Ignatius of Loyola,
    Pray for Us.

  • New Life

    Posted February 25, 2016

    God of mercy, you ask only that we place our trust in you, but it is hard to let go of the worries and fears that crowd our thoughts and constrict our hearts. Help us to surrender it all to you, to give up the illusion of control and go from barren to bursting with new life. Amen.

  • Loving and Forgiving are You

    Posted February 11, 2016

    God of mercy,

    We are sometimes brash and make hasty decisions,

    But you God are slow to anger and rich in kindness,

    We are often unforgiving of others offenses toward us,

    But you God are loving and forgiving.

    During this Lenten season may we grow to have character more like yours,

    Always acting in love and sharing mercy and understanding with each person we encounter.

    May we come to know your Loving heart more deeply, God,

    And share that love with the world.


    Healing God, have mercy on us.

  • Light of your Love

    Posted February 4, 2016

    Let us pray using words from Hafiz.

    did the rose
    ever open its heart
    and give to this world all of its beauty?
    It felt the encouragement of light
    against its being,
    otherwise we all remain too

    And so God, we ask that you might help us to open in the light of your love and share our life with the world, unafraid.


    St. Robert Bellarmine pray for us.

  • Love and Mercy

    Posted January 21, 2016

    May all that we do this day,
    from morning until night,
    begin with your inspiration,
    and continue with your powerful help.
    May our work this day
    be rooted in love and mercy,
    that we might love you,
    and love our neighbors,
    as perfectly as you love us.
    We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    St. Robert Bellarmine, Pray for us.

  • My God Given Talents are for the World

    Posted January 14, 2016

    We thank you for the gifts and talents you have given us.
    We know that you have given them to us
    So that we can better serve others,
    And bring your love to completion.
    Give us the courage to share
    All of ourselves with the world.

    We pray this in your holy name.

    St. Robert Bellarmine, pray for us.

  • A Shepherd's Heart

    Posted December 17, 2015

    Give me, O Lord, a Shepherd’s Heart.
    Ever watchful and ready,
    Willing to be led by you, my Good Shepherd.

    Make me quick to see the needs of others,
    the wandering, the lonely, the endangered,
    the slow, the weak, those on the fringes and margins.

    Give me, O Lord, a shepherd’s heart,
    simple and uncomplicated, direct and without duplicity,
    steadfast and faithful.
    May my eyes be awake and watchful.
    May my heart be pure and truthful.
    May my courage be strong and enduring,
    That I might hear your voice, My Beloved Shepherd,
    and follow wherever you lead me.


  • Prayer for Finals

    Posted December 10, 2015

    Dear God, I am shortly about to face my final exams at the end of this course of study and I pray that You would be with me every step of the way, as I prepare for this daunting landmark in my life.

    Continue to be with me in all my studies and coursework and enable me to retain and apply all that I have learned so that I may be well equipped – not only to face these exams, knowing that I have worked hard, but also to be prepared for the future - in whatever direction You should lead me.

    Dear God I thank You that You have supported me through this whole course of study – for I know that without You I could never have reached this final hurdle. Be with me I pray every step of the way and I offer my life to You to do with as You will.. in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

    St. Robert Bellarmine, pray for us.

  • Open our Hearts in Compassion

    Posted November 12, 2015

    God of all people, across every land,
    We pray today for everyone who is in need,
    For those who are anxious and worried,
    For people who are sick and weary,
    For the hungry and thirsty,
    For people searching for a home and warmth,
    And for the ones who desire community and a place to belong.

    God we ask that you might open our hearts
    To reach out to them,
    To share our love and our care,
    Our time and our resources,
    And most of all to feel for them,
    To cry with them.
    May our hearts be opened in compassion.

    We pray this in the loving name of God.

    St. Robert Bellarmine, pray for us.

  • God's Music

    Posted October 8, 2015

    God, the maker of all music,
    We thank you for the chirping birds,
    the gentle sound of wind that rustles the leaves,
    the pitter patter of rain on the rooftop,
    the joyful resonance of laughter in the quad.

    God, we ask that you help us to make our lives part of the music and harmony of the world.


    St. Robert Bellarmine, pray for us.

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