Club Sports

Bellarmine offers four club sports - ice hockey, roller hockey, rugby and ultimate frisbee - in addition to the thirteen sports which fall under the umbrella of interscholastic sports.

These club sports, although not under the purview of the California Interscholastic Federation, operate under the auspices of sport-specific governing bodies. These no-cut sports provide the opportunity for students to grow in responsibility and respect, cooperation and citizenship.

Varsity 2016

Ice Hockey

Approximately 55 students are involved in ice hockey at Bellarmine, making it the largest high school hockey program in California. With those numbers, we field one Varsity team and one Junior Varsity team.

The Varsity team is a member of the Anaheim Ducks High School Hockey League (ADHSHL). Approximately 35-40 games are played per season, both in Anaheim and in the Bay Area. Player selection is determined by try-outs in September of each year.

The JV squad competes in the Sharks Ice High School Hockey League. There is no travel outside of the Bay Area for the JV team.

Moderator: Michael Parissenti


Spring 2014 D1 Champions
Spring 2014 D1 Champions

Roller Hockey

Bellarmine has offered roller hockey as a club sport for more than 15 years. Fielding
five to six teams each season, it is the largest program on the West Coast. Our teams play in the high school league at Silver Creek Sports Plex in San Jose. We have enjoyed the success of several league titles, at all skill levels, and have been recognized by Rubber Magazine in recent years.

Roller hockey is broken down into three seasons, beginning in August and ending in early June.  Seasons include 10 games and a play-off tournament, in which everyone participates. USA Hockey rules are followed, with some differences specified by local rink rules.

Moderator:  Michael Parissenti

Varsity and JV 2016


Bellarmine fields three rugby sides - Varsity A, Varsity B and Junior Varsity. We have approximately 100 students involved in the program. Sides travel around the Bay Area and Sacramento for matches, and Varsity tours annually. The season runs January through May. Our program is under the auspices of Rugby Norcal and USA Rugby.

Moderator: Terry Ryan


Ultimate Post-Game Spirit Circle
Ultimate Post-Game Spirit Circle

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee fields one team in partnership with Notre Dame High School. The team competes both as a coed and as a boys team in the Bay Area Disc Association, governed by USA Ultimate. The team practices twice a week throughout the year and can allow for students who have commitments to other sports or organizations. The competitive season of approximately fifteen matches takes place in the spring (February-April), where the team plays other high school teams from Marin to Santa Cruz. Because few students have played organized ultimate before, no experience is expected and new players are welcome to join the team throughout the season.

Moderator: Nick Creech