Kairos Registration 2019-2020

Our Kairos Retreats offer a unique spiritual opportunity that has the potential to change your son's life in a positive way. Kairos offers the time and space in which to better know yourself, God and others.

Campus Ministry is sponsoring five Kairos Retreats during the 2019-2020 school year. Kairos is an opportunity to take some quiet time away from the busyness of life in order to prayerfully reflect on some of life’s important issues, to share thoughts, challenges, joys, and hopes with others, and to develop new friendships.

Although there is rarely a good time to miss school, just trust that this is an opportunity worth the effort. Support your son in choosing to be a part of the growing "Kairos family". Students in Bellarmine's Confirmation class are encouraged but not required to participate in a Kairos retreat.

As you select your date for Kairos, please consider the recommendations from your coaches and club moderators. Some timing considerations are included below, next to each Kairos date.

Students may attend Kairos during either their junior or senior year. They may not attend the retreat both years, although seniors who have attended Kairos may apply to lead a future retreat.

Kairos retreats are optional and not required. 


The only way to register for a Kairos is online. Summer Kairos registration is now closed, however, registration for the remaining four retreats offered during the school year opens on Tuesday, May 21st.Those retreat dates are listed below.  There are no refunds less than 30 day prior to the retreat.

To register for a specific Kairos retreat, click on the retreat number (e.g., Kairos #148) in the table below. 

Beginning Date Ending Date Registration Status
Kairos #148 (Summer)  
Tuesday, August 6

Friday, August 9

Winter and spring athletes should consider this retreat
Kairos #149 Tuesday, November 5       
Friday, November 8         

Spring athletes should consider this retreat
Kairos #150 Tuesday, January 14

Friday, January 17


SENIORS ONLY RETREAT.  Seniors involved in fall and spring sports, as well as speech and debate, should consider this retreat
Kairos #151 Tuesday, February 4

Friday, February 7


Fall athletes should consider this retreat
Kairos #152 Tuesday, March 10

Friday, March 13


  Fall and winter athletes (depending on playoffs) should consider this retreat

The cost of a Kairos retreat is $350.

Payment via credit card is required at the time of registration, unless your son receives Bellarmine tuition assistance.

  • If your son is not on tuition assistance and you fail to provide credit card payment upon registration, your registration will be invalidated. 
  • STUDENTS ON TUITION ASSISTANCE ONLY may register online without providing immediate payment. Do not wait for tuition assistance to be confirmed before registering. Simply specify "I will pay with cash or check" when asked for type of payment on the registration form. We will email your adjusted retreat cost, as determined by the percent of tuition assistance you receive, along with instructions for payment via credit card, approximately one month prior to your son's retreat.

Confirmation of your registration will be sent to you via email.



Cindy Bailey
(408) 537-9223