Personal Counseling

Hallmarks of Jesuit Educators & Counselors

Magis, a term traditionally used by Ignatius of Loyola and the Jesuits, suggests a spirit of generous excellence, which we strive to embody in our ministries of teaching and counseling.

The term AMDG translates in Latin to "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" or for the "Greater Glory of God." It is the motto of the Society of Jesus and speaks to serving God with a generous heart and with an eye toward seeing God in all things.

Cura Personalis, Latin meaning "care for the individual," is a hallmark of Ignatian spirituality and therefore of Jesuit education, whereby a teacher establishes a personal relationship with students, listens to them in the process of teaching, and draws them toward personal initiative and responsibility for learning. This care of the student is equally true within a counseling setting, and is truly the most significant quality of an educator, or counselor.

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Personal Counselors & Staff

It is our mission to guide each student in the formation of his whole self, and to facilitate the development of his God-given talents and a deepening of his personal faith so that he might live joyously and in gratitude, justly and with humility, as he makes his journey with God.

Bellarmine’s Personal Counselors advise and guide the academic, personal and early college admission planning for their counselees during their first three years at Bellarmine. Assigned in the freshman year, counselors develop a personal relationship with their students in order to more effectively advise and guide them as they navigate their teen years and the college preparatory curriculum. Counselors also work closely with Bellarmine parents to facilitate the maturation process of their sons and to guide the parents through challenges of college preparatory requirements.

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Within the Jesuit tradition, students are guided and supported in finding their own unique path toward living their lives as men of conscience, integrity and character. We are determined to support our students through a collaboration of educational professionals whose goal is to develop young men who will be happy and effective adults in the wider world community.

In the second semester of the junior year, students are assigned to a College Counselor who guides the student and his family through the processes of college search, college application and matriculation from Bellarmine. 

Counselor's Profiles

The Bellarmine Counseling Department is staffed with six counselors. With our experience both as Bellarmine parents and Bellarmine counselors, we are in a unique position to understand, guide and empathize with the young men who spend four years here. 

Because of our personal experiences and our formal training in counseling-psychology, our counseling staff is knowledgeable about adolescent development and the many challenges that arise during this phase. We see and understand how our boys negotiate their way through the different stages of their development as they go through freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years at Bellarmine. Each counselor remains with their respective counseling group for the entire four years, allowing for a personal relationship to develop, where students feel free to discuss the unique academic and personal challenges of each year.

Each of the counselors also has wide-ranging involvement with our boys in all important areas of school life.

  • Bellarmine counselors teach sophomore P.E. classes on the topics of Drugs and Alcohol and Human Sexuality.
  • Each counselor spends significant time moderating activities or coaching sports at Bellarmine.
  • All go on retreats with the boys; a number also go on immersion trips with them as well.
  • All are regular fixtures at school events such as games, plays, robotics tournaments, speech tournaments, etc.

Our know-how in all of these different facets of school life gives us, as counselors, an exceptional opportunity to know, appreciate and hopefully enhance the experience of our Bellarmine students. We are their advocates and their allies. We know when to lend a sympathetic ear and when to engage them in a “reality check” type of conversation.